Tech M&A

We connect start-ups that are ready to exit with international buyers.

We work on behalf of one of the largest software vendors in Europe with over 30 years of experience in the industry. They are keen to acquire fast growing companies to grow them to the next stage.

Our role is to source awesome candidates and introduce them to the buyer. In average, the buyer will review up to 50 targets to invest in one.  

We 1st sign a contract with the seller  with a no-win no fee model. We charge a % of the sell price. The seller  pays us  at the moment the buyer transfers the funds.  

Are you looking to exit your start-ups?
Then you are in the right place. Please check the selection criteria below.

Are you in any of the following sectors?

Password/network security data, cloud, application, source, endpoint, etc.
Payment gateways, ecomm related payment providers, check-outs, etc
All sorts of e-commerce solutions
HoReCa (food service and hotel industries)
Business doc management solution, BPM, signature etc.
AI / ML data science providers inc products based on AI.

Do you fit the following profile?

Exit means exit:

Are you willing give up control and sell at least 51% of your company and ideally a 100%?
Remain in start-up:
Are you willing to stay in a company that wont be yours anymore for at least 3 more years and continue growing the company organically?
Do you hold the IP of your online tech? Do you have a patent?
Note: no interest in hardware this time - sorry.
Business model:
Is your software a SaaS model? Do you sell subscriptions?
Note: if most of your business comes from recurrent sales, then you could be our darling.
Market share:
Do you have a serious possibility of dominating your local market share?
Have you reached break even point?
Note: only companies that are EBITDA positive will be considered.
Usually, good candidates have anything between 10 and 20 employees. Do you fit that description?
Have you been in business for at least 2 years?

Do you meet the profile?

Yes? Then we would love to hear from you and explore options. Please fill the form below. One final note is that please consider that we need to be very selective and that only a handful of applicants will secure an exit. This is part of the game. We wish you the best of luck in the process.

Don´t meet the profile? Dont' dispair! We might not be the right fit for you, but your ideal buyer is out there and we encourage you to continue looking and growing your company.

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