Unparalleled insight at your service

We bring you a unique service portfolio


We equip you with new & post investment strategies and best practices to help local investors thrive. In addition, we have a sterling track record in aftercare, business retention and expansion, advocacy and impact:

  • Tailor made strategic consultancy to help you up your game.
  • Sector trends, international best practices, executive briefs.
  • Political engagement and stakeholder liaison.
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We equip you for better decision-making and for future-proofing your work. We do this by training and mentoring you about the why, what and how of FDI. Our students are FDI practitioners, policy makers, advocates, politicians and researchers.

  • Online courses and free training
  • 1-to-1 training
  • Mentoring

We design impact-making projects that have the investor at the very  core. We do this by facilitating stakehoalder collaboration, defining  local roadmaps and mobilising resources:

  • Concept development to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Stakeholder liason and scanning for funding.
  • Assessment of project feaseability.

All the services you need to excel in attracting, growing and retaining investors.

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