Fundraising for Start-ups

We connect awesome start-ups with potential investors.

We have an extensive network of VCs in the UK, Europe and beyond. We help them access deal flow. They trust our recommendations and will analyse what we present to them. This is by no means a guarantee for investment, only that they will carefully review your start-up story.

We first sign a contract with you (the start-up)  with a no-win no fee model. We charge a % of the secured investment, which is payable at the moment the investor transfers the funds to you (the start-up.)

Some areas we have an interest in are:

  • technology: are you levering tech to improve the life of people?
  • low-tech: are you solving a real problem of millions of people with an  low tech solutions that is at the reach of everybody?
  • impact: are you contributing to accelerating the SGDs?
  • geography: are you the go to start-up in a specific geographic region?
  • reach: do you have a significant dent in a specific market?
  • disruptive: is your investment something like an revolution in disguise?

If the answer is yes, then let’s connect. 

Please fill the form bellow. We will contact eligible candidates only.

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