Why should anybody care about startups?

Because they create jobs and inject dynamism to local economies.

Numbers speak loud and clear:


million is the
total number of companies
world wide.


of these companies have on average 1.39 employees.


of the world’s companies have on average less than 35 employees.


of the world's companies (=200k) have more than 1250 employees.

Source: Endeavour Insight

In other words, start-ups & SMEs keep the economy going.

We only need to create 3 more jobs per company to end global unemployment.

We work with start-ups in different ways:

Investment for start-ups

We help start-ups that are looking for investment in series A+ access investors in the UK and Europe.

We charge a % of the overall transaction.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We connect start-ups that are ready to exit with potential buyers, who will usually want founders to remain in the company for 3 years after exist.

We charge a % of the overall transaction.

Access to dealflow

We mentor start-ups for already a decade. In addition we have a strong network in many local entrepreneurship ecosystem around the world. This give us great access to awesome investment candidates.

We charge a % of the overall transaction.

Funding Roadshows for VCs

We have an extensive network spanning various continents which we open up to help VCs raise funds.

We charge a % of the overall transaction.

Exits for local SMEs

We help local ecosystems players such as accelerators, governments or associations connect with international buyers or M&A houses. These type of programmes inject much needed cash into local ecosystems.

Acceleration Programmes

We advise on how to design incubation/acceleration programmes around the world. We do this by bringing fantastic teams together to design transformational programmes that last 3 to 9 months.

We love start-ups

And are always keen to hear your ideas about how to accelerate growth and create jobs.

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